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Community Involvement

Business & Professional Women is an organization of “women helping women.” Uptown BPW supports our community through the following programs:




Midland Agape - August 23, 2017

Uptown Midland BPW members collected backpacks and school supplies to donate

the Mission Agape Backpack program.  Members from left:  Lesley Donnell -

Community Projects Chair, Marquita Potter, Annette Dozier - President, Stacy

Baccus - Mission Agape, Abby Moreau - Scholarship Chair, Lisa Mansell, Shirley

Harrie - Director and Rebecca Young.



Family Promise Gets Donation May 16, 2017


MRT - Article about Family Promise and Uptown BPW


Safe Place - December 13, 2016



From Left:  Lady in pink top is Leanne, Lesley Donnell, Uptown BPW Community

Projects Chair, and Tyna Gober, Uptown BPW Director.  Items were collected at

Uptown's Christmas Party.


Midland Agape  -  August 10, 2016




On June 17,2016 Uptown BPW donated $1,000 to the Midland Rape Crises and Children's

Advocacy Center.  We met with Elisha McPeek who gave us a tour of the different rooms in their facility.  Pictured below left to right:  Uptown members Emily Weinberg, Nicole Wiseman, Lesley Donnell, Diane K. Browne, Katie Presley, Elisha McPeek - MRCCAC and Shirley Harris


Buckner Children & Family Services

On June 8, 2016 Uptown BPW donated $1,000 to Buckner Children & Family Services.  Members met with Myndi Easter, Gift Officer who gave us a tour of their facility.  Because we donated $1,000 to the Buckner Foster Care Program, the Abell Hanger Foundation will match the donation to this program.    Pictured below left to right: Uptown members Marquita Potter, Krysti Vickers, Katie Presley, Myndi Easter - Buckner, Deborah Williams, Lesley Donnell, Annette Dozier and Tyna Gober.


Safe Place of Midland

On December 9, 2015 Community Projects Chair Katie Presley and several members of Uptown BPW met at Safe Place to deliver the many items donated by the members and gathered at our Christmas party.   We had pjs, shower gels, lotions, sprays, makeup, socks (ladies and kids), underwear (ladies and kids), first aid products, hair products and more.  We met with Charity and she gave us a brief run down on how they get involved, what they do and the basic time line involved.  It was a very informative visit. From left in the photo: BPW members: Stacy Nelson, Charity with Safe Place, Katie Presley, Annette Dozier, Debrah Gann and Shirley Harris.


On December 13, 2013  Uptown BPW donated many requested items to Safe Place of Midland.  We contacted Safe Place to learn what items they needed and members donated over 2 dozen pillows, 2 boxes of shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion, several dozen clean T shirts (for sleeping), socks, new packages of underwear for women, girls and boys and twin size sheets.   On December 13th Stacy Nelson and Shirley Harris took these items to Safe Place and met Renae Arledge, the Volunteer Donations Coordinator and left the items with her.  Below:  Shirley Harris, BPW, Renae Arledge, Volunteer Donations Coordinator and Stacy Nelson BPW.



Midland Rape Crisis Center


On November 21, 2013 Uptown BPW  made a $1,500 donation to Midland Rape Crisis and Children's Advocacy Center.  In attendance (left to right) Uptown Members Shirley Harris, Director; Kuohui Suchecki, Treasurer; Glenda Knox, Policy and Procedures; Stacy Nelson, Programs Chair and Community Projects Member; Debrah Gann, President; MRCCAC: Lori Perales, Executive Director; Lindsey Wittenhagen, Victim's Advocate; Elaine Leonard, Volunteer Coordinator and Francie Murdock, Receptionist.

Thank you MRCCAC


Unlock Ministries

Also in November 2013 Uptown BPW donated $1,500 to Unlock Ministries  Unlock Ministries mission is to mentor under-served students with the goal of helping them to live a better story. Unlock Ministries is an equipping ministry that uses high school students to mentor to elementary and junior high aged students. All kinds of amazing stories flow out of this messy exchange! Op Camp is the entry point for relationship and recently added are Op Champs and the FUN Academy.


Unlock Ministries Thank You



Centers for Children and Families

On June 27, 2012, Uptown BPW made a $1,000 donation to Centers for Children and Families specifically for the “Kids First Program”.  Ann Bradford Executive Director (2nd from left) and Robyn LaForge Program Director (far right) with Centers were present to receive the donation.  As Community Projects Chair, Debrah Gann (3rd from left) was accompanied by Stacy Nelson (4th from left) (President 2012-2013), Kuohui Suchecki (Treasurer 2012-2013) (2nd from right) and Shirley Harris (Newsletter and Website Chair) (far left) with the presentation to Centers

Report:  Uptown Donates to Centers for Children and Families


Midland Rape Crisis Center

On April 17, 2012 Uptown BPW donated $750 to the Midland Rape Crisis and Children's Advocacy Center to be used for clothing the vicitims at the hospital and for court appearances.  In attendance was the Chair Debrah Gann and BPW Members Evie Gandy, Stacy Nelson and Mona Bethany.  Merlene Cox is with Preferred Personnel and BPW member Jillian Lellis also with Preferred Personnel came with her.  Jamie Poe is the Executive Director at MRCC.

Photo below: back left Mona Bethany, Debrah Gann handing check to Jamie Poe and Merlene Cox.  Front row:  Evie Gandy, Stacy Nelson and Jillian Lellis.


Rainbow Room

Uptown members went shopping for supplies for Midland's Rainbow Room.  They delivered the supplies to Robin at the Rainbow Room. 

Report: Uptown Donates to Rainbow Room

Uptown Members: Glenda, Patti, Debbie and Mona buying supplies for the Rainbow Room.

Uptown Members Tiffany, Mona, Robin with CPS, and Uptown President Debbie delivering supplies to the Rainbow Room



Uptown awards 4 - $500.00 scholarships to women both Spring and Fall semesters. Our scholarship recipients are “non-traditional students” women returning to school for career advancement. Many of our scholarship recipients are single moms.  Three of our recent scholarship recipients were honored during our Program Luncheon. These women were given the opportunity to tell us about their college experience.

All of these women expressed a deep gratitude for our support. The great thing about our scholarship program is the money can be used for anything. Some recipients use the money for babysitting while they are at school. We allow our scholarships to continue to receive money each semester as long as they maintain a 2.5 grade point average. As a result we have seen many scholarship awardees graduate and fulfill their goals.

 Uptown BPW has given an endowment to Midland College and asked them to administer the scholarship. Please contact the Midland College Financial Aid Office and ask about "Uptown Midland BPW Endowed Scholarship". 

National Business Women’s Week (NBWW)

Each October BPW celebrates women by hosting a NBWW event. Uptown honors women from our local community during this luncheon. Proceeds go towards our general fund and raffle ticket proceeds are contributed to MD Anderson Cancer Center. BPW/TX has a long history (we were there at the ground breaking) with MD Anderson Cancer Center. Uptown has the honor of donating the most money to MD Anderson Cancer Center of all BPW clubs in Texas this past year. Some of our honorees include – First Lady Laura Bush (we honored her when George was governor of Texas), Judge Barbara Culver-Clack, and 2005 former Golf Pro Judy Rankin.



October 9, 2017 Uptown BPW honored 

honored Victoria Printz (left) with Uptown

President Annette Dozier as our 2017

Woman of Achievement during National

Business Women's Week



                                    October 10, 2016 Uptown BPW honored                October 2015 Uptown BPW honored

Laura Roman (right) as our 2016 Woman              Sharla Hotchkiss (center) as our 2015

of Achievement during National                             Woman of Achievement during National

Business Women's Week                                       Business Women's Week      




          October 2013 Uptown Midland BPW                 October 2012 Uptown honored Barbara

           honored Cookie Wetendorf as our                 Yarbrough "Midland's Favorite Teacher"

         2013 Woman of Achievement during                  as our 2012 Woman of Achievment

           National Business Women's Week                during National Business Women's Week


         October 2011: Uptown honored Lael             October 2010: Uptown honored Mary Lou Cassidy
  Cordes-Pitts Executive Director of                         "of Counsel" with the firm of Stubbeman,

         Casa de Amigos as our 2011 Woman                         Mcrae, Sealy, Laughlin, & Browder, Inc.
of Achievement during National                         as our 2010 Woman of Achievement during         Business Women's Week                                      National Business Business  Women's  Week


October 2009: Uptown honored Jane Wolf - Legacy Real Estate as our 2009 Woman of Achievement during National Business Women's Week

October 2008: Uptown honored Dr.Eileen Piwetz - VP of Institutional Advancement Midland College, Executive Director of Midland College Foundation, Inc. as our 2008 Woman of Achievement  during National Business Women's Wee


October 2007: Uptown honored Vicki Jay - Rays of Hope Children's Centre Executive Director as our 2007 Woman of Achievement during National Business Women's Week.

October 2006: Uptown honored entrepreneur Susie Hitchcock Hall owner of Susie's South 40 as our 2006 Woman of Achievement during National Business Women's Week.


Spring Style Show

PhotoUptown hosts this annual event in April with proceeds going towards our scholarship fund. We hold a silent auction with proceeds going to MD Anderson Cancer Research. Visit this page to view photos from these events.

Mabee Home Christmas

Christmas will always be the best time of the year, especially when there is giving and sharing surrounding our lives. Giving to the Mabee Home and Foster Children this past Christmas was very rewarding and uplifting for our Uptown BPW members. The selected family was very gracious and appreciative for everything our Club provided.


Safe Place of the Permian Basin

Uptown BPW sponsors a room at our local battered women’s shelter. Once a year we purchase bedding, towels, decorations, etc. for our room.

Hurricane Victims

The devastation of Hurricane Katrina touched Midland. Our club purchased essentials for a family that was relocated to our city.

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